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The right home inspection should be thorough, clear and completely unbiased. This is what Mike Holmes Inspections ensures every single one of its clients. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

Home inspections are important because they provide an unbiased assessment of a home and property. This information is crucial when it comes to selling, buying or maintaining the most important investment many people will ever make: Their home.

Pre-Listing Inspection
Learn More A home inspection is inevitable when you sell your house. But having a complete inspection performed ahead of time helps you address the issues before potential buyers find them. This helps increase the selling price of your home and reduce the time it’s on the market.
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Pre-Purchase Inspection
Learn More A Pre-Purchase Inspection reduces the risk of unexpected, costly surprises. It lets you know exactly what you are investing in and helps you feel secure in your home purchase decision.
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Maintenance Inspection
Learn More A Maintenance Inspection is a thorough inspection of a home and property, ideally done every three to five years. It helps homeowners invest in renovations and maintenance projects that increase the value of their home and property.
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Pre-Delivery Inspection
Learn More Sometimes builders miss deficiencies. Having your newly constructed home inspected by a qualified, third-party home inspector helps make sure your new home is in the condition it should be, from the first day you move in.
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New Home Warranty Inspection
Learn More Having your newly constructed home inspected by a qualified, third-party home inspector helps identify any deficiencies that can be submitted to and corrected under the New Home Warranty Program.
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Expert Witness Services
Learn More Our inspectors also provide their expertise during legal proceedings to support homeowners who received incomplete or inaccurate home inspections, unskilled contractor services or who are experiencing problems with their newly constructed home due to builder incompetence.
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